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– Introducing SJP property consultants limited –

Searching for a suitable property can be a complex, time-consuming and potentially stressful process – and nowhere is that more true than in the London property market.

Within a market where properties are in great demand, there is tremendous value to be found in utilising the services of an experienced London property search agent – with the knowledge and expertise required not only to source the buyer a suitable property, but also to save them time and money. 
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a luxury modern living room
a luxury modern living room

– Our Services –

At SJP, we work on behalf of prospective property purchasers, including private families, trusts and asset management companies. Clients may be searching for a home to purchase, rent, to add to an existing property investment portfolio, or for general development opportunities.

By selecting SJP as their property search agent, our clients have recognised the value of having a dedicated and experienced property expert acting on their behalf and exclusively in their best interests.

Above all, SJP offers its clients assurance, integrity and credibility throughout the process of identifying and negotiating the purchase of the perfect property.

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modern London loft apartment
modern London loft apartment

– Why use a Property Search Agent? –

Perhaps London suburbs and zones are unfamiliar to you, but you are planning to relocate here?

Perhaps you are too busy to spend time searching for a suitable property for yourself?

Perhaps you would like a professional to source a suitable property for you, and then oversee and manage the purchase process and even any required refurbishment, on your behalf?

Property acquisition can be a difficult process

Clients are often aware of the potential pitfalls – such as legal issues, unscrupulous sales agents and overpriced property – but simply do not have the experience with which to address them.

We work solely on your behalf, and in your best interests

It is our business to have an unparalleled knowledge of market conditions for the areas of London we serve, which makes us perfectly placed to advise you on realistic current property market values.

We negotiate for you

Our role is opposite to that of an estate agent, who works to achieve the maximum price for the vendor.

Sometimes an estate agent can be paid to take on instructions and will often tell the vendor what they want to hear in order to secure that instruction, thereby potentially inflating market prices, and increasing the potential commission and fees earned.

With SJP as your property buying agent, you have an advantage in negotiations

Sometimes it is not only a buyer’s bid which is considered in the negotiation process, but also what is perceived as their intent, and their ability to proceed with an immediate purchase or rental, as well as an easy and well-handled purchase process.

It can often be the case that a client who is represented by an experienced property search agent can be favoured over an unrepresented buyer.

Save time, save money